Everything you always wanted to know about Tennis

…but were afraid to ask

Navigate left to learn some weird and wonderful facts about Tennis and jeux de paume:

The World Champion who played a challenge match while wearing rollerskates.

The Paumier who, on being invited to play in England, gave his terms as “Fees and expenses – plus two wenches a day”

How the Charge of The Light Brigade was LTCC’s loss – but The Royal Tennis Court’s gain.

Tennis and the Latin Temperament: ‘losing a ball’ could be a serious hazard when playing Caravaggio!

‘This game will be the death of me….” the numerous Monarchs who met an untimely end while at play.

‘Coiffure en raquette’ – Catherine de’ Medici’s tennis-inspired hairstyle.

Jeu de Paume’s close connection with English and Continental theatre.

What a Racket: how Knights returned from the Crusades and extended our vocabulary

How a gift of tennis balls led to the death of 10,000 Frenchmen.

The court at the house which inspired Kenneth Grahame’s ‘Toad Hall’

Talking balls: the Egyptian City of Tennis.

Stay at a hotel based in a Parisian Tennis court.

How Jeu de Paume changed Europe’s social and political landscape.

Tennis and Science: how Galileo and Newton used Tennis to enhance our understanding of the World



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