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Play the historic game at the oldest tennis club in the world

It's The Real Thing

Within the four walls are a real tennis court and a squash court – the club is home to all levels of racket sports enthusiasts.

The club has recently hosted a number of international events including The IRTPA Championships (the ‘fifth major’) in 2018 and 2017 as well as the Ladies World Championships in 2015.
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LTCC members play Real Tennis

A high-strategy racket sport, played indoors and essentially unchanged since the Middle Ages.

A game which shaped Europe’s history, tennis can trace back the longest line of consecutive world champions of any sport on earth. Want to know more about the history of the game? See our governing body’s take on it: Visit Tennis & Rackets Association.

Across the world you might call the game different things – ‘real’ tennis in Britain, ‘court’ tennis in the US, ‘royal’ tennis in Australia and ‘jeu de paume’ in France – to players, it’s simply ‘tennis’. The ‘other’ game, meanwhile, is ‘lawn tennis’ – even when it’s not played on grass!

Tennis is enjoyed by players who have been ascribed a ‘handicap’ – a number rating which denotes their playing ability (much like golf). The handicap system itself was devised and formalised at Leamington, to ‘level the playing field’ for the Silver Racket, one of the world’s largest open tournaments. The effect of the handicap system is that players of dramatically different standards can enjoy a close match.

Tennis then can be enjoyed by players of differing abilities and ages: from fleet-footed young bucks bursting with energy and enthusiasm to ‘silver foxes’, less lithe, certainly, but rich in guile.
The club is proud to have Lewis Williams and Chris Aley as its resident professionals.
Image of Lewis

Lewis joined the club as head professional in 2022 after being in the coaching world for over 10 years. He has experience coaching real tennis to a wide range of skill sets, from national level players to those just starting out. After reaching his all-time best handicap since joining the club, his goal is to break into the top 15 players in the world. The members are regularly seen benefitting from his tips and advice, and you can often see both of our professionals practicing together on court.

Lewis Williams IRTPAProfile
Image of Chris

Chris joined the club in 2018 and has seen rapid improvement in his own game whilst also significantly bolstering member participation on the court.

Chris Aley IRTPAProfile
Both are available for coaching by calling 01926 424977 or by emailing

New Players

Players new to the game – we run a new members’ scheme to get new players started.

£400 first year's membership which gets you;
+ 3 lessons with our head professional, + 2 court fees complimentary.
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Experienced Players

if you would like to join the club there are a number of options depending on your circumstances. Please download our membership form below.
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Membership Benefits

When you become a member of LTCC you will gain access to these great facilities and meet and make new friends.

Play real tennis at our club.
Play real tennis at our club.
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Fine Dining
Hire one of our elegant rooms for your event.
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Golf Society
Join our thriving golf society.
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Other Activities
Including snooker and table tennis
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A tranquil club in the middle of town.
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Make Friends
The club is a great place to meet and make friends.